Monday, August 31, 2009

What the heck is Obama and his administration thinking. Investigating the CIA..... when the CIA has kept America safe on their own soil ever since 911 ..... now those guys and gals who put their lives at risk to protect the country are being investigated for whatever it was they had to do to carry out their jobs. Obama is once again flip-flopping .... saying one thing and doing another...... Why would anyone want to join the CIA in future when every move they make and everything they say will be investigated. It's a horrible thing to do to those people who have put their country first and did their best. And really... who cares about the darn terrorists. I think Obama needs to be grateful for his families safety over those years from 2001 until now ... and for the safety of his country ... instead of treating these patriotic people so badly. I'm with Dick Cheney on this one. He's right in all directions.....

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