Sunday, August 9, 2009

Whilst grand dog's "parents" are on vacation at the beach he's with us of course... :-) Just went to their house and mowed the lawn. He came too ... and was very happy to be there .. checking out the place to see if his family were hiding somewhere. ~~ The little dog from next door came rushing over ... but we didn't see the two cats about anywhere. They have probably moved out for the duration... probably catching birds or mice or whatever they do that they aren't supposed to be doing... but old Chewie had fun .... and I'm sure he came away knowing that his stay with us wasn't forever ... and that he was just vacationing like his family was. He's so sweet ... He wanted to bring back a big moose bone he stole from someone's yard a few months ago ... he'll be a bit more contented I think knowing that he's not been given to the grands. He sure does miss the kids a lot.

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