Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day back to school for our little Hannie. She got off early and came for a visit for the rest of the afternoon. We walked over to the ice cream store... grandpa, Connor, Hannie and me ... but it was slow going because nearly two year old Connor wanted to pick up all the little pebbles, investigate the grass, stand and watch the birds, point at all the trucks parked and going along the highway, and anything else that he could think off rather than keep walking in a straight line. It was like walking with a dog who wanted to stop all the time to pee..... LOL.

I said to Hannah I hope we get to the ice cream shop before Christmas. :-) Ice cream was enjoyed by all and then we began our trek home again. Same thing... Connor wanting to pick up where he'd left off coming over ... thinking maybe he could do it all again on the way back. I guess the walk wore him out because he closed his eyes after fighting it for so long... and napped until his mum and dad picked him up. Quite a treat with his little blonde head ....

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