Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hard to believe that tomorrow will be the 8th anniversary of September 11th. I remember it very well. Sitting on the sofa having my tea and toast watching the news when on came a guy saying a plane had just hit the world trade centre. I thought he meant a little private plane ..... I think he did too until we saw the footage and the mayhem.
I still cannot believe it happened. For months it looked like a scene from a movie... I could not sleep, I hardly ate anything ... I cried a lot and tried to imagine what people would have gone through. I especially seemed to think of the firefighters going into the building when everyone else was trying to get out. Whatever you think of the wars happening now and the sacrifices the troops are making .. we cannot let these terrorists continue on their path to oblivion. Their sole purpose in life is to cause death ... God bless all those who died on that awful day in September ...

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