Sunday, September 6, 2009

I like making new blog headers and backgrounds and this mauve colour I think is so pretty.
Nothing much else to do today up here in the woods. The rain is still coming down and last night it was so misty and foggy it reminded me of my mystery stories ... I half expected to see an old black, Victorian carriage emerge from the fog and ramble on down the cobblestoned roads ... past the old gaslight lamp, with horses rearing their heads and whizzing past me .. standing on my deck. LOL.... It was very eerie but sort of nice and something we don't see much here.
I thought for a moment I was suddenly transported back in time to Jack the Ripper days or Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson ... perhaps I've seen too many murder mysteries .. :-) I don't think I would have particularly liked to have lived in those times .. as much as I like reading about it ... it wouldn't suit me... well maybe if they had pretty teacups and saucers which I know they did. Fancy dresses .. but how did they manage in 90 degree heat with all those bustles, petticoats and whatever else they wore under there. No electric fans, air conditioning, refridgerators, even toilets with buttons to push.

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