Thursday, September 17, 2009

I think I'm addicted to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. :-) After reading his heart warming letters to his mother .. written to her over 54 years of his lifetime from when he went off to boarding school at age 8 till her death in the early 1900's .... I felt compelled to find out more about his writings ... so I went online to our library and now have in my possession the real stories he wrote .. just as they were constructed when he was telling stories of Sherlock Holmes which were published in the Strand magazine around 1890 and beyond .... It's wonderful.
I love seeing the portrayals of his stories on the telly ... or in movies ... but its not quite the same as seeing every word he wrote ... which has not just been interpreted by a script writer or screenwriter. The illustrations throughout the book are the real ones .... done by another person of course ... and its like I've stepped back in time to be there and read the serial editions posted weekly ..... to see them as they were done over one hundred years ago. Doyle was such a prolific author ... who did not particularly like Mr. Sherlock Holmes .. but he was the one who brought in the cash he needed so he continued the mysteries and cases to be solved .... I might have to put the beautiful full collection book on my christmas list. I sure would like to own it. :-) And I sure wish I could meet Mr. Conan Doyle to tell him how much joy he brings to me when I think of him and his lifetime's work and adventures. Such a nice man ... who cared deeply for his mother, his wife, siblings, children ... one sad thing .. his children never had children so there were no grandbabies to inherit or carry on the name....
Just went online and purchased a second hand copy for $6.50 ... Can't wait to own it... Wooo Hoooooo !!!!!!!!!!

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