Thursday, September 17, 2009

I've been looking through FaceBook to catch up with some old friends but golly ... it's sometimes difficult to know if its really them or not from their photograph on their profile. I've been away from Australia for ten years now. I know I have changed. I'm thinner, my hair colour is different, my face shape is different..... and some of the profiles I look at thinking is it them ... is it not. One would think with a name you knew that it must be them... but when you search for a name up comes heaps of people with the same name..... I'm amazed now at how many there are just with my name... christian and surname.... heavens above. I thought there was only one of me... LOL but not so. Oh well... I guess if they refuse my friend request then I'll know its not them or they have taken a dislike to me ...

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