Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well I'm ready to pull my hair out. My Yahoo mail has not been coming in today at all and I've spent about 3 hours if not more on a chat thingy with their technical people. Doing all sorts of changes, tests and other things and still not working. They have now referred me to someone else... and will contact me in one or two days time. First I got chatting with a lady named Hannah and we went through a bundle of tasks and options... told her all my information.. then she told me to do something and the whole chat process ended abruptly. I got back on wanting to continue with Hannah when up popped an Austin. !!!! Couldn't have Hannah back ... so another hour or two with Austin still didn't help after I'd had to go through all the process again.
I pay for my Yahoo email account so I'll have 2 gigabytes of space for my mail from my groups and from other yahoo groups.... so this shouldn't be happening. I could not even access my mail from their home page so I don't know if I'm the only one having the problem... or not... Gmail yesterday went beserk and nearly blew up ... so perhaps today is Yahoo's turn. Oh well... I'll keep on truckin as my Brian would say. Just have to get creative and forget about the mail piling up... hopefully soon I'll get my account working ....

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