Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Went for two bike rides today... early in the morning and then after lunch ... wow it was windy and pushing us backwards almost down the road... but it made me pedal harder and that's what I need because this darn insulin is making me put on weight. Which is really, really unfair when I'm doing the right thing with my eating and exercising yet I seem to be getting nowhere fast.
The leaves were blowing all over our yard from the trees in the field over the fence.. and throughout the town ... they were all so pretty but hundreds and thousands of them were zooming through the air and landing everywhere.
The geese too were flying over early this morning honking as they went. I love watching them. They are heading south ... not sure where they go but it must be a terrible, long voyage. Their beautiful "V" pattern is a sight to behold... and streams of them seem to join up and mingle together like traffic merging at roundabouts or intersections or when you are driving along the highway and merge into the other traffic. So gorgeous... I always look up at them and wish them a safe journey... and of course will miss them until they return again next year.

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