Monday, September 28, 2009

What the heck can one do when the power goes off... Everytime it happens I think of those pioneers who had no electricity. I guess if you grew up with it and were used to not having stuff that works by electric power you would manage as they did.... but no computer, no warmth, no television, no music .. in fact no noise at all except the ticking of the battery clock on the wall. Couldn't make a hot cup of tea to warm me up... couldn't get dressed or shower in the bathroom because there is no window in there and it was dark as a mine .... I went so many times to click the light switch on it wasn't funny .... *(s) ....... Couldn't do much housework with no vacuum cleaner, or dishwasher... oven... stovetop.... couldn't even have much for lunch except a health bar and a glass of milk. Treadmill wouldn't go either ... and too much rain and cold outside to go walking or bike riding... luckily the power came on 4 hours sooner than originally stated .. so now at least we have some heat and my old Aussie tummy has been infused with a hot cuppa....... *(s)

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