Sunday, October 4, 2009

Are they kidding!!!! Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes little girl Suri has a 3.5 million dollar wardrobe. She's about 5 years old I think. Couldn't they find a better way to spend so much money. ~~~~
And sadness today once again as I hear on the news of 8 soldiers dying in Afghanistan... fighting the bad guys. It was a big battle ... I wish they would just use more air strikes to wipe them all out instead of worrying so much about civilian casualties. One can't do that when fighting wars. They didn't do it in World War II ....... it was necessary to do what needed to be done to win. It's terrible that they often use civilians as shields but gosh so many military are dying.... It's a horrible thing and they can't let the bad guys win. The world will be in worse shape if they don't defeat the Taliban .......But it seems to be getting worse, and getting more difficult each day there. I'll keep the good guys in my prayers and their families. How devastating it must be to get that terrible news.

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