Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween is nearly here... we went shopping today for some groceries and of course came upon heaps of candies. Big boxes full of all sorts of yummy things. We usually get something we like as well so we can eat the"left overs". Some years we've had about 100 little visitors but each year since I've been here the number has dwindled a bit. Last year we had about 40 I think. It seems many people don't take their kids out wandering much now... in favour of going to the big celebrations often held in public areas.. which is a good thing. Some private properties have barbecues and bonfires etc ... I sure do love seeing the little ones all done up .... but it gets really cold here in Canada so most of them have to have their costumes over top of their very warm ordinary clothes. I'm hoping for lots of left overs... Cadbury mixed candy bars which I love.....

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