Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I don't understand President Obama. Not only is he out playing more golf than ever, basketball and other sports but now he's gone on the campaign trail ... (did he ever leave it..) once again to bolster Democratic support for candidates. Why doesn't he stay at his job in the White House, have those other 5 or so meetings he wants to have (after the six already) and make a decision on what to do with Afghanistan. The troops need more support. How much longer is he going to dither around before saying yes or no to more involvement.
You can't bring them home... no matter how we would all love to see them back with their families. If they come home .. then the bad guys have won and all those thousands of deaths of military personnel will have been for nothing. A decision needs to be made soon .... get on with it Barack .... do your job and stop messing around with more election stuff. You made it.. you are the President..... now make the decisions ...
14 were killed yesterday and 8 now today ....
God Bless them .. they deserve your swift decision.

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