Monday, October 26, 2009

I hope they get fired............. how stupid and wow.. what negligence.

The Northwest Pilots who overshot a Minnesota runway by 150 miles last week told investigators they were using their personal laptops in the cockpit, a violation of company policy, according to a National Transportation Safety Board advisory.
The two pilots, interviewed separately on Sunday, told investigators they lost track of time when they used their laptops while in a “concentrated period of discussion” about the new monthly crew flight scheduling system.
The system reportedly changed after the Northwest-Delta merger.
The pilots told NTSB officials that they had not been monitoring the airplane or calls from Air Traffic Control at that time, according to the report.
They might have missed a message from the tower that there was a bomb on board... or what if the airport they were supposed to land at was under a terrorist attack... all sorts of reasons that could have been disastrous for the plane and its passengers. FIRE THEM ........ THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR THIS .......

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