Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm glad the family is being charged with all sorts of bad stuff ... the Heene family who set off the balloon and told the world that their 6 year old son was contained in the bottom part of it ... it was flying high into air space and all sorts of things could have happened. Turns out it was all a hoax ... but at what expense. The military even got involved. People in ambulances, fire rescue and all types of rescue vehicles, helicopter pilots etc... were chasing this balloon across the USA ..... terrified that the little boy would crash land or worse. Maybe get sucked up into the helicopter blades, crash into power lines, into mountains ... all sorts of horrendous endings .....
Awful stuff ... and who I wonder, suffered because the authorities were out doing this and could not attend to them. The kids in the family even sleep in their clothes so when their storm chasing dad tells them to move they do so. Well isn't that child endangerment. What the heck are kids doing chasing storms. And how must that impact on their lives ... living and sleeping in a continuous state of anxiety. They all seem like a very weird bunch. Media hogs .. wanting more tv coverage and their own show ... as if Wife Swap wasn't enough. Gosh this really bugs me.. I hope they throw the book at these parents.

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