Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stunned today watching the news... school children in Florida are now expected to bring their own toilet paper, soap, copying paper and other items to school because there is no money to pay for that stuff. Of all the things that are being cut back ... school children and oldies seem to be the ones taking the brunt of it all. I get really annoyed when I hear of wasteful government spending on roads to nowhere, military planes they don't really want .... salary increases, bailouts, expensive overseas trips by the President that aren't necessary... and a zillion other things that they have spent money on.
And to push his health care package ... that Obama says will not add "one cent" to the deficit ... (who is he kidding) .... he has 150 doctors turn up at the White House for a photo op ... who were told to wear their white coats. Some didn't ... and they were provided with one from the hundreds or so that were "on hand" .... so the President could look good in amongst those who supported the new bill for health care. How false was that. Gosh I do get my back up when I see stuff like this.
I'm not a Republican or a Democrat... I'm an "Aussie"... :-)) but I sure do feel bad for what the USA seems to be dealing with. I simply cannot stand that woman Pelosi.... she flip flops back and forth with her rantings when it suits her.... changes her opinions like she changes her underwear ... urgh!!! such a silly woman she is.

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