Thursday, October 22, 2009

Such horrible things we see on the news. A little girl... Somer ... was murdered this week on her way walking home from school. I'm still wondering why a 7 year old is allowed by those she loves to walk the mile distance to get her from school to her house. She was with some other siblings, probably one of them being her little twin brother... when they had some sort of tiff and she walked off ahead of them. The kids got to their destination and she wasn't there. Some monster snatched her from somewhere along that route... her little body was found in a garbage dump some 50 miles from her house in Florida. ~~~~ As I watched more of the story today I was stunned to hear that 57,000 sex offenders live in Florida and just in the 5 mile radius around her home there were 157 of them. That's a huge amount of monsters roaming around on foot, or in vehicles. The sweet little ones going to school or just playing in the neighbourhood ..... Poor little things ... its like a mine field .... what chance do they have ... And as I also watch the advertisements on the telly for Viagra I wonder why men need this pill to make them want even more sex with more little girls. It should be banned. She didn't deserve this ... and as I still watched later on this morning another one has gone missing .... I guess it is happening every day but we just don't hear about them all. God bless the little ones ..... keep them safe from these predators. I wish they could turn all these men bright purple or something else that we could easily recognise them as they walk amongst us in malls, supermarkets, bookstores, movie theatres ...... And pray that the parents of these innocent little children have some brain power to wonder why they are not picking their kids up from school or walking the distance with them.

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