Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Visited the dentist today... I hate going there. The moment I walked into the place I said .. "It smells like the dentists ".... everyone laughed but it was true. Now I know why my beautiful Aussie dog Wilbur used to shiver and shake whenever he had to go into the vet's surgery.... he didn't want to be there and neither did I today. It was only a small filling but along with it came neck ache, head ache, numb jaw, numb tongue and half my face ..... water running down my face instead of my throat when I tried to drink ... I always come out feeling bedraggled and bad... but one look in the mirror in their bathroom put a smile on my face. My little front tooth was sparkling like it was brand new ....... When I got home after our hour's drive ...... I needed a nap. :-)
Looked out the window as I was taking off my coat and shoes ... and found a beautiful woodpecker trying like a crazy bird to get the seeds out of the little perspex container hanging in the tree. He was such a beauty.... and the telephone repair man who we spoke to recently.. told us that woodpeckers were one of the biggest trouble makers ... wrecking phone lines, poles and anything else I guess ....... so funny, so gorgeous. I hope he comes back soon so I can have a better look at him.

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