Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well I just finished writing two new entries to my blog this afternoon only to get so annoyed that the spacing in them wouldn't go .. or do.. what I wanted it to do ... I deleted them both. Why does blogspot not put the words where they are supposed to be ... or space the lines properly... or not upload the image accordingly. Oh well... if any of you have mastered the discrepancies and workabilities of this silly blogspot program please let me know. I guess I'll just keep pressing on and hope that I don't end up with miles of space .... or nothing appearing as it should be ........... grrrr!!!! back to the drawing board as the old saying goes.......
It looks like the old witch and her kitty kats went into the right space here where I intended them to go... maybe she waved her magic wand or said the abra-cad-abra- ......... cute little image .. not sure who the artist is... but I love the kitties surrounding her... Not bad being able to transport six of her furry friends on her broomstick... *(s) Halloween won't be far away now... I wish I could go out there and do the trick or treating thing... never done that... never will get the chance to now I'm old.. :-((

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