Friday, October 16, 2009

Yesterday little grandson came for a visit. He kept busy playing on the blackboard drawing with chalk and seemed to like the bit where he had to clean it all off with a damp cloth better than the actual drawing. *(s) Whilst he was here his grandpa downloaded a halloween screensaver for him to enjoy. What a disaster that was!!! DO NOT ever download screensavers. They are filled with all sorts of crappy product advertisements, program changes, icons and anything else they can bombard you with. It changed our Outlook Express toolbars, my Incredimail wouldn't work properly, strange things were coming out of the woodwork as they say .... it even took us a while to uninstall the darn thing. So do be careful. They are notorious for messing up your computer. Do without them or do what I do and put my pretty desktop wallpapers into a folder and direct Windows XP to find the folder and display them .......... it does that in such an interesting and different way ..... I've included a new desktop wallpaper for you here. Click on the image to see it full size and either install it or save it from there.

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