Monday, November 30, 2009

Anything to do with Sherlock Holmes and now Jack the Ripper.... my Christmas came early yesterday when I went online and purchased... (at a bargain price) ... the game about them both. The Ripper has always fascinated me .. he was never caught so who was he. I've seen many shows speculating on the origin of the Ripper .. one being that he was a member of the Royal family... so who knows. Now I'll be able to help Sherlock find out who he is. I love it... *(s). I've already visited Sherlocks house, talked to Dr. Watson, and been to the Police Station in Whitechapel to see more of the documentation and to hear their thoughts on the crime. It is so involved and it will keep me busy up here in the long winter months. The graphics are wonderful,.... you can come out of the police station or Sherlock's boarding house at 221B Baker Street and turn corners ... you can walk down the streets in Sherlock's persona ..... you can get up close to women of the streets who inevitably will become the Ripper's next victim .... and you can turn the "camera" to look at the buildings, and into all sorts of corners. Great stuff !!!! And there are a lot more Sherlock adventures out there .... I've also got two more books coming to me from the online library ... and have just finished "Holmes for the Holidays" book which was great ... (stories from other authors depicting Homes and Watson's many Christmases together and more crimes to solve... ) ..............

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