Friday, November 6, 2009

Awful happenings at Fort Hood ... 13 soldiers dead and many, many more wounded. I don't understand how the doctor was still on duty ... if he too, was in need of a doctor. He obviously had mental problems yet he was treating those people there for their problems. He was to be deployed at the end of the month to the war .... I guess we can be grateful that he didn't get to go over there and perhaps turn into a suicide bomber or attack the soldiers in some other way that might have resulted in hundreds of deaths. Awful for everyone involved. And to have it happen on USA soil is terrible. The news can be so sad and awful on any given day and sometimes I wonder why I watch it at all....
But then I don't even have to watch the news to hear bad stuff .... emails and phone calls can do the same thing......... :-((

Yesterday my friend in Australia lost her little grandson ... he was a mere 17 months old and died of a brain tumour. He will be a sweet little angel now ......

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