Saturday, November 28, 2009

I decided to decorate for Christmas today so I've been busy putting up the tree, all covered in its new decorations we got on sale last year.... all white and copper coloured so that is something different for me. I usually stick with big red bows and gold... The snow is coming down and the little birds are in our yard gobbling up the seeds.... and we now have reindeer and a sleigh on our deck railing that will light up at night.
The tree has sparkling lights, the wreaths are on the doors and the snowman I painted which stands very tall has his usual position close to the tree. ~~~~~~
There are green vines of pine around the house, the big red stocking with its gold embroidery hangs from a peg on the wall, there are more snowmen all dressed in their finery ... very elegant .. also purchased on sale ... there are red poinsettas, and so much more ... the grands will love them especially little Connor who just recently turned two. He liked it enough last year but this time he'll be able to appreciate it a bit more I think. He'll be into it all, checking it out ... probably to see if there's any candy onboard. Nothing like decorating in December especially in the snow. Aussie christmases are hot and bothersome .....

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