Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I havent read or seen any news today on the telly or internet so I can't do my usual ramblings about the government or how I feel about what is going on. One thing that does stick in my mind is the impending trial in New York for these terrorist blokes who were the masterminds of 9.11. I still can't believe it will happen in NY. Why the heck aren't they being tried in military courts as war criminals ..... because thats what they are. The way some trials turn out .. like OJ Simpsom for instance... nothing would surprise me. They might get off .. especially when the information gained from them from waterboarding is inadmissible....... what a joke...... nobody is going to hear what they said .. admitting they were the instigators and very proud to be doing it. Urgh!!! oh well I guess we'll see. It will take years for an outcome I guess. I do hope New York stays safe in the meantime because giving them a trial there is exactly what they want. More publicity for their cause.

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