Monday, November 23, 2009

"I wouldn't watch her if you paid me," Stewart told a TV interviewer on Monday.
Why not? "She's very boring to me," Stewart replied. "She's very boring and, to me, something of a dangerous person." How so?
"She's so confused," Stewart said.... and more worse than this.... !!!

What an old bag this Stewart is... Martha of course.. (did she forget that she is a convicted felon and should stick to her herb gardening - I guess stealing from stock holders and lying to prosecutors is the new good behavior) .... I used to think she was an okay gal but lately .. after her outburst about Rachel Ray and now today about Sarah Palin I think she needs to increase her medication or perhaps keep her trap shut. How anyone in the public eye and especially who relies on a tv audience and customers to purchase her books, and products.. can speak about anyone else like this is beyond my comprehension. Why on earth would you prattle on about someone you don't even know personally...and say horrible things about them. I like Sarah ... and she's got "em running scared in Washington. She's not even there yet ... but by golly I think she will be when the time counts. She's been subjected to the most criticism since Nixons days ... undeserved .. because she stands up for the rights of everyone and not the elite who think they are better than everyone else. Good on ya! Sarah .... I'll be buying no more of your products Martha... but wait there's more.... !!!! perhaps Sarah has out sold Martha's book .... and that's why she's being so nasty....Martha grow up.....

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