Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm not the only one mumbling and grumbling about Martha's behaviour today. It seems its all over the blogosphere, the media, the entertainment shows and anyone else's show who wants to talk about her pathetic antics. The new Joy Behar show is another example of how the media scratches around to try and get whatever dirt they can on famous people or those who care for them. Joy of course is from "The View" and I once liked her as well but not over the past couple of years since she's turned into a vicious old bag. Oh I'm being nasty today... but gosh some of these media presenters ... talk show hosts.. or whatever ... can get down and dirty for no other reason than to gain ratings. What a bummer that is... and what about the Music Awards last night when Adam Lambert's song was more like a porno flick .... disgusting when young people are the ones who vote in American Idol and buy these music items...and who were watching. His act was filth ... go search it online if you missed it. I didn't watch it till I saw it on the so called "entertainment" shows this evening. I'm glad I went to bed early and read my book. The whole tv morality thing seems to have gone down the gurglar ........

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