Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It seems like people are getting their shopping done for Christmas and already have their trees up in some stores. We have a nice little shoppe in town where you can go for coffee and I walked over there this morning... They had a very pretty tree and all red ribbons and lights. On the way past there I looked in the window of the hardware store and they had those pretty christmas trees that already come with lights on them.
I think that is the way to go... no more untangling bundles of wires and lights .. and then having to space them around the tree so they look nice. They come already looking wonderful.
As it is snowing today I looked out my window to the back yard and saw three beautiful deer.... into the corn in the feeder. They looked gorgeous with their heads covered in snow. I think they remember me from last year because I went down to refill the container and they just sort of stepped back a bit and watched every move I made... and I hadn't even got back to the deck steps and they were there again at the corn. I'm happy that I can help them. The winters here in northern Canada are bitterly cold. I'm sure they appreciate it and look forward to being spoiled.... *(s)

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