Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rainy day once again in the woods up here at the top of the world.  Winter looks like its settling in.  We have already had some deer visit us and yesterday as I watched... a little squirrel ... was working overtime going up and down to the birdfeeder to snatch the dried fruit and nuts and seeds.   He was returning pretty quickly so I'm guessing he's got a hide-out just very close by.  I sure would love to see inside ......  *(s).  Poor little thing he's working so hard to get enough goodies in there to get him through the winter.  Little does he know that I'll continue to fill up the feeder and he really has no need to work so hard.   It will always be there each morning.  But who knows.  If he got sick or something I guess he thinks he's well prepared to hold out for a long time with plenty of food.  Bless him..... he's so funny to watch

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