Sunday, November 29, 2009

My cute little wooden santa I painted many, many years ago.
He's sitting on my printer here on my desk.
May as well spruce up the old office as well as the rest of the house prior to the real santas visit.....
Gosh these Christmases seem to be coming around faster each year.

I'm not sure if our 9 year old Hannah still believes in Santa or not. Last year I remember her saying that the guy in the mall ... the santa there to have your photo taken with .. "wasn't really Santa Claus.... and she wanted to meet the real one"...... so funny....
Who knows... living up here in the woods of northern Canada we aren't that far from the North Pole and I'm sure he flies over us on his way around the world ...... we might actually meet "the real one" of these days especially if his reindeer need a refuelling stop ...

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