Saturday, November 21, 2009

Randolph Bresnik ---- don't know who he is.... *(s). He's an astronaut space walking today ... busy doing maintenance on the space station out there in no mans land. I am amazed that they are brave enough to do this. Hanging onto life by a thread ... oblivious perhaps to the surrounding nothingness of space. Looking down on the earth as it goes passed them .... but he's also waiting the birth of his daughter today. How magical is that. His new little girl is waiting to be born and her dad is up there in space ... Now that sure is something to talk about at her wedding..... what dad was doing on the day she was born. NASA have agreed not to tell him anything until his space walk is over. Can't blame them. He might want to do somersaults or something... Good luck to his new little girl ........ and to them all.

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