Friday, November 13, 2009

The self proclaimed 9.11 terrorist... Khalid Sheikh Mohammed ... has now been brought to New York for a civilian trial. What a travesty. He killed thousands of people, and is a war criminal now he's going to benefit from all the USA legal system has to offer in his defense. It will go on for years. A civilian trial. It will cost a gigantic amount of money just for security .... and he'll be in court just a few blocks away from the twin towers site. Heartbreak all over again for those suffering the loss of loved ones.... having to go through this ..... he sat in his last court appearance and laughed at the people there. Obama has made the wrong decision in this have this happen. ~~~~~~~ God Bless the poor souls who perished on that day at the hands of this maniac who is now going to have the same legal rights as them.

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