Thursday, November 5, 2009

This handsome fellow is my grandog, Chewie. He's such a treasure and we are having a lot of fun whilst his family is away down south visiting .....~~He cries whilst I'm getting dressed thinking that he's going for a walk as soon as I put on the socks.... He is completely spoiled ..... *(s) .... loves my toast and Aussie vegemite.... comes to a deadstop whilst we are walking if he sees or hears a little blue vehicle like the one his family has ... tail wags, anticipation... NO, it's not them.~He loves to sleep up on the bed with grandma in the afternoon if we take a nap, and cries when grandpa leaves the room in case he's not coming back. He's a huge fellow but the biggest baby I've ever known. So funny .... I sure will miss him when he goes home again soon. You can click on his photo to see him up close.... every whisker, every eyebrow, every gleam in his eyes... *(s)

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