Monday, November 2, 2009

This little guy reminded me today of my grand-dog who easily jumped over our same looking gate to go find his grandpa who had gone next door .... I thought I was watching him... but as I went into our shed for something ... a moment later he was gone. Over the top like the cow jumping over the moon. *(s).
Gosh today's news has been weird... Bloomberg .. running for office in New York is spending $35,000 per hour to get himself elected. I don't understand how people with all this money can basically "buy" their way into government office. It's his own money but what a waste when it could go to so many worthwhile causes other than to his ... which of course is all about himself.

Then there was another report about the detainees in Quantanamo (don't know if I've spent that right...) well they are getting the H1N1 vaccine before many USA citizens .. who by the way .. have been turned away from places because of a shortage of supplies. What the !!!!!!!!!!!

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