Monday, November 9, 2009

Well I'm on the trail of Sherlock Holmes again. I finished the latest book discovery called Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula which was a rollicking adventure of an old sea sailing ship crashing onto rocks and having nothing but earth filled coffins on board ... plus the kidnapping of Dr. Watson's wife ....... great fun and mystery in that one.... and I've nearly finished another one called Sherlock Holmes and the Yule-Tide Mystery which has Holmes and Watson in a spooky old English manor home on Christmas Eve ... only to have a murder committed and other sinister things. (I love reading these).
Strangely though I've just discovered that many of these books are actually written by other authors than Conan Doyle. It seems every mystery writer on the planet has their hand in at least one of these cases... I was stunned that Sherlock seems to have been "taken over" by so many other authors. I guess the Conan Doyle estate gets royalties for using his famous characters ... And there are some great writers out there who are trying to and have successfully emulated Conan Doyle's mastery of the thrill and adventure of these two endearing characters of Holmes and Watson. I'm finding zillions of them on my online library site ... so I guess from now till I'm 100 years old or till my eyes give out on me ... I'll be firmly ensconsed in the clutches of villainry and mayhem ... set in Victorian England ......... *(s)........... I'll never run out of reading material ... lol....... loving it loving it loving it. I'm a Sherlock maniac .........

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