Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anyone who visits here regularly will know I'm not a fan of Obama. And after his speech last night I'm convinced he knows nothing about anything. Why would you tell your enemies (in Afghanistan and around the world) .. that you are deploying more troops to the war ... only to start withdrawing them in 2011. You certainly don't win wars by telling your enemy when you plan to get out... (and give up).... they can now sit back and wait. He also presents false statements over and over again to suit his purposes....... and his popularity and approval ratings are dropping faster than Tiger Woods trousers .... I do worry so .....
I love the USA and always have since I was a little girl watching the films on telly ... loving the actors, the snow, hearing names of places in songs ... Chatanooga Choo Choo, New York New York its a wonderful town, I could recite so many of those places I learned about because I heard them in tunes. I have also visited about 6 times from Australia .. been right across the country from top to bottom and sideways ... and I have my own USA flag. Love it love it love it... but by golly I now worry about its security, its prosperity and its future. I get so sad watching the news about people losing money, jobs, homes etc. Suicides because of it, all sorts of awful things. I just wish someone else had won the Presidential election and could do a better job than the publicity seeking Obama .......... I'm not a Republican or a Democrat .... I just want it to prosper and be great again. It's failing in so many ways.

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