Saturday, December 19, 2009

I've been looking around some blog spots for help in modifying or altering my blog in lots of ways. Golly there are heaps of helpful places where you can find out all sorts of things. Like how to remove the border line that appears around your images, how to alter the spacing between lines so you don't get double spacing, (I've done both of those because they have been bugging me for ages)..... I tried once to learn html but just hated it. It was worse than being back at school and being forced to present essays and assignments on time. I thought to myself one Sunday whilst I was struggling with a problem with html... that the heck am I worrying about this for. I'd rather be watching a movie or reading my books than attempting to become an html expert. Really who needs to unless you are a webmaster ..... I find lots of help from just searching around.... I wish I had lots more blogs... but I can't really think of what else I might write about each day. There is of course, my Reflections of the Past blog which I haven't added to for quite a while... but its got lots of pretty vintage images to snag ... things I have made.... you can find the link on this page ... right hand side ... down a bit.

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