Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Last night was the Christmas concert for Hannah's school so we ventured out into the black wilderness ... *(s)... it was so cold and snowy. We got to the school and the trucks and cars were going in there like they were going to attend a Beatles concert. I think most of the town was there. I sat next to a sweet little guy who sat on his dad's knee.... his name is Ethan and he's two and a half and he thought it was great when we started to clap and I yelled out ... Yeah!!! a few times... He began to yell it out too. Then he started to sing and his dad had a digital camera as did most of the audience ... so he played with that and kept saying "cheese" all the time the concert was on. So funny. It was a treat as always to see the kids dressed up and they even had a skit about Australia. Sang a song about Santa and his white kangaroos pulling the sleigh. That was a new one to me but it was fun. Makes Christmas all that much nicer when you see all the fun stuff.

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