Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas downunder. Santa is on his way delivering your gifts. I hope he saves some for us up here in the northern hemisphere.... I always feel a bit like I have two Christmas's or birthdays... when they are on different dates ... at the top and the bottom of the earth. When I met my Brian online I found it hard to believe that I was in Tasmania.... close to Antarctica .. and he was in British Columbia, Canada... close to Alaska. We were both so far apart it couldn't have been much further if we had tried. I will be thinking of my mum and dad today especially and if I was still in Australia I would be visiting their graves and bringing them pretty flowers. All I can do from up here is to look up at the night skies and send them a little prayer and ask that they look after my dear Wilbur dog for me. ~~~~~~~~~ Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year everyone.

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