Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh!!! Tiger. You are sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire of infidelity, cheating, divorce, payments to keep quiet, all sorts of dispicable and horrible behaviour. That's the thing when you start cheating. You don't obviously think of those around you who love you or loved you.... what effect it has on them. His little children will read about all this in years to come.... his mother-in-law this morning has been taking to the hospital... his wife, her twin sister, all of those who thought you were an upstanding and good man have had their ideas squashed. All must be devastated. And is this mistress number nine we are hearing about. And whilst your wife was pregnant you were cheating. Urgh!!! I've no time for this guy. He treated everybody with disrespect and unkindness. He should learn to keep his pants on once in a while .......... I'm astounded that his sponsors for the products he endorses still support him. What a crock that is !!!! He's certainly no role model for anything other than cheating.

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