Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shopping today ... ventured out in the snow ... so cold.. went to the town north of us which has many more shops than our little northern Canadian town. The drive is spectacular with mountains all around, frozen rivers, trees everywhere .. sometimes a moose or a deer or some coyotes in the fields.... Found nearly all the shops had sales on.... but unless I took some lottery winnings with me .. alas... it was a meagre adventure in spending. I could have shopped till I dropped. All the beautiful Christmas decorations were on sale.. up to 80% off ... but how many pretty things does one need in a small house. Wow... I would have loved to have had a big two storey house with room for more than one christmas tree. One up and one down perhaps.... oh well... one can dream. I shall have to keep buying those lottery tickets. I did manage to get a big bag of bird seed for my sweet little feathered friends out there trying to find food in the bitterly cold temperatures we've been having lately. ~~~~~~~~~~~ This morning was a weird example of how low we can go....I went outside with my hair wet from the shower ... only to have it turn solid on my head. Just a few steps to the deck and down to the ground ... and I thought something had landed on my head.... it was icicles forming ... and becoming spikey, crunchy and so weird I began to laugh. I had never had that happen before. My whole head was one frozen mess....... weird and wonderful all at the same time...... :-)

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