Friday, December 25, 2009

Undoing the goodies, ripping off the paper, making way for the next gift... kids get so much these days I'm amazed. Turkey is in the oven, grand-dog has come for a visit till supper time.... brunch with my Brian.... and a pretty table all set for visiting kids and grands for the evening meal. I haven't seen my little deer yet today .... so I guess they will visit in the night when it's quieter. At least the weather isn't so cold. Santa didn't leave me a puppy ... :-(( It all seems to be hustle and bustle ... where has the peace and joy gone to .... I guess I am missing my parents today ... missing my Aussie mates who would be calling in with cakes and a few drinks.... or inviting me to a barbecue..... One happy thing for me today is that Turner Classic Movie channel has a Sherlock Holmes movie marathon on all day, through the night and all day tomorrow so if this Aussie can keep her eyes open she'll be in Sherlock heaven. :-)

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