Thursday, December 3, 2009

A voyage to the mall this morning ... couldn't help myself.. broke down and bought some of those yummy round balls covered in coconut. I can't remember their name but they come in the same mode as those equally delicious Ferraro Rocher little balls. I know I shouldn't have had them ... but I had the three in the package .. now my blood sugar will be exploding but what the heck.. one fall from grace won't kill me I hope... and I do have my treadmill so I can walk on that for half an hour or so. We have a little squirrel at the bottom of the yard .... fossicking through the seeds to get to the sunflowers and one sweet little deer came yesterday along with his friend. He obviously was a boy deer .. because he had the makings of antlers. Just small 6 inch ones but I told him how beautiful he was and I hoped that he would grow into a big strong fellar. I came inside and then thought about their antlers. The deer probably wouldn't even know they were there growing so huge .. until they began to feel the weight of them on their heads or started banging into trees. With all the trees here in British Columbia sprouting so close together I'm amazed that anything gets through the woods at all. Moose and other critters... it was wonderful to see the deer .. they come when I rattle the corn container ...
love them to pieces .. *(s).

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