Saturday, January 2, 2010

All I've done today it seems... is watch the telly. I woke up early, read my book a bit in bed then Brian told me there was a Tina Turner concert on .. from London ... the one she did in 2008-2009 .... so I watched that and sang along ... she made me tired just watching her... rocking and "rolling on the riiiivvvveeeerrrrr". It brought back memories of being back in Australia having one of my many parties where everyone wanted to play her songs. "Simply the Best".... of course she is. And being 69-70 doesn't seem to have slowed her down one bit. Then I watched another of Bruce Willis's movies in the Die Hard series. Love them all and have seen them many times. So now its off to the treadmill for me... gotta do something .. :-))

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