Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A birthday supper for me tonight ... was hilarious. Nice food, funny company ... one little girl, and four boisterous and cute little boys. Three of them about 2 and a half years old. I'd never had a meal before with that many little ones close by. Had some nice photos taken of them sitting on the table and me hanging onto them all ... laughing our heads off... waiting for dessert ... cake, jelly and cream and pie. One wanted to bash his cake into one flat piece... one wanted to just eat the whipped cream .. another wanted to eat his jelly (jello) in his hands ... consequently it landed on himself and the floor. Squeals of delight were had by all. Loved it loved it....... being 60 today and having them for company sure did make me feel younger. Should do it more often. Kids are wonderful. And also had the company of my beautiful grand dog. He was so glad to see me arrive in our truck. We cuddled and snuggled for ages. I think he had missed me.

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