Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Click on the image to see it larger and nicer. *(s).... a frozen river. When I first came to Canada I'd not seen a frozen anything... other than when I stuck my head in the freezer in my kitchen. It was quite an adventure to see frozen lakes and rivers ... I remember my darling Wilbur dog was very scared of his first footstep onto the ice when he heard it crack.
This river seems pretty flat and ordinary but what surprised me the most was seeing a river all lumpy and bumpy. When the water moves underneath the top layer and pushes and pulls the chunks in all directions it reminded me of someone dropping marshmallow junks and having them fall in all positions and layers. So thick, so white, so cold, so beautiful. There is a river on the way to our next northern town Smithers... and if I go passed there again soon I will take a photo of all the chunks and post it on my blog. Amazing.... I still cannot believe that its just a frozen river... rather than a giant cookie sheet covered with something like those marshmallow rice crispies we make at christmas.

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