Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My adventure into the grocery store yesterday found Easter Eggs .. I thought What the .... !!!! we haven't even had Valentines Day yet. And by the prices they want for these goodies I think the old bunny and the cupid might just keep flying and hopping on by. So expensive. And the boxes of everything seemed to be getting smaller each time I go in there. Cereal ... I forget what it was .. Allbran or Special K.... something like that. $7.59 ...... and one was even $11.50... Some of the boxes are petite. Suddenly so much thinner ... so much shorter and so much more expensive. Haven't you noticed too... that tins of soup are smaller, and that the containers ... like water bottles or drinks.... have suddenly become more contoured so they don't have to use so much liquid to fill them up. Some containers too have that big bubbled area in the bottom that goes up into the container ... so they don't have to put so much in those and you still think you are getting the same amount. What a bunch of crooks. Oh well.... maybe not buying this stuff will at least help me with my dieting. *(s)

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