Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Olympic flame is coming through our town today.... I'm not interested although I do enjoy the winter Olympics. Nobody it seems in British Columbia could possibly afford to go to the games unless they are movie stars or millionaires which they could very well be if they live in beautiful "Whistler". It's a stunning environment ....... like something out of a story book. It all looks so unreal because of its gorgeous surroundings and winter mansions ...... It's a favourite spot for so many celebrities.


I'll watch the games because now that I live in the snow it all seems so much nicer. I love all the things they do like ice skating and the luge, downhill, speed skating, etc. But wow!!!! the cost is HUGE .... it's a shame that the ordinary people for so many ordinary days and years now will have to go without ....... just to pay for the darn things.

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