Sunday, February 14, 2010

As I watch the Olympics today I got to thinking that there isn't an ugly competitor in the whole collection.  Of course there isn't.   Sponsors would go for all the pretty faces in case they won and would then promote their product.  All the girls in the skating and in the mogul and other events were very attractive.  Even the guys had such good looks it all seemed a bit "staged".  

I guess when money is the main objective these days old fashioned plain looks go right out the window.... countries and companies are only interested in the profit.  Who would buy a magazine with a gold medal winner on the cover if they were ugly.  Such a shame I think.  I can remember years ago when I was younger and watched the games there were very large, manly type Russian girls competing.... but that's not the case now.    Oh well.. !!   good luck to everyone ....  I have some Aussies coming up this evening in some events so I'm looking forward to that.

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