Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Click on the pretty lady card if you wish to save it... It will come up larger original size. 

Never can have too many cards... and this one in particular would suit many occasions.

Gosh lots of snow happening back east in the United States.  They will all imagine they are living in Canada I think.  *(s).....  ours is melting a bit which is good.  My little deer friends arrived again early this morning and got some cracked corn and carrots.   Spoiling them I am.  But what the heck.  I love seeing them each day and the little girl one seems to always be shunted back into the field and pushed away by the bigger boy ones.   So she got some special treatment today when she returned on her own.  I saw her coming and made sure she got lots to eat.  I told my Brian today too... that instead of a pretty card and flowers or whatever for Valentines day all I wanted was more deer food or some sunflower seeds for the squirrels and woodpeckers...   It's nice to know I can help them ......... 

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