Saturday, February 20, 2010

Click on this little cutie to see her up close and beautiful.   I'm amazed at their back feet. Their heels don't touch the ground and they remind me so much of ballet dancers gliding around on tippy toes.

We had a whole bunch of them yesterday and the guy from the supermarket rang to tell us they had food for us so over we went and came back with big bags of fruit and vegetables. 

The young girl one ... (in the photo) ... often gets pushed back by the boys who think everyone has to do what they tell them ...  she often ends up back in the field behind the fence so when the boys have gone and she comes back I make a special trip out to give her the corn so she doesn't miss out.

Two little squirrels jumping around the trees and from one bird feeder to the other ... and a gorgeous black and white woodpecker visited too.   It's quite a menagerie out there in the snow...  *(s)

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